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System Requirements
The following outlines minimum system requirements for using services at our site.

Supported Devices:
  • iPhone - version 3G and later
  • iPod Touch - version 3G and later
  • iPad
  • Blackbery Devices with OS 4.7 and later.
  • Android Phones with Android OS 1.6 and later
  • Windows Mobile Phones with Windows Mobile version 6.5 and later

Note: While we attempt to maintain comprehensive list of supported devices, with many new device and operating systems coming to the market every week, the list above may not cover all the devices. If you unsure whether your device is supported, we suggest that you either try one of our streaming samples or contact us using our Contact Form with detailed information about your device and provider so we can correctly determine compatibility with our service.

Below is a list of useful links mentioned above as well as additional resources that may help you get more extensive information related to our services (as always you can refer to the help area on the left side of our site)

If after reviewing our extensive online help pages you are still having problems using our services, please do not hesitate to contact us using our Contact Form.
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